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  • Who I am

    On a mission to provide a service that relaxes, reduces stress and enables clients to be in charge of it

    Kata Armitage

    My Story

    I was part of the initial portable massage craze back in the early 2000s, bringing relaxing massage in to offices, events and festivals all over the UK and a smile on people's faces, especially those who weren't regulars on the massage table. Fast forward 10 years and the awareness of physical and mental well-being has exploded in the media. Science is proving more and more how our fast-paced world needs to be slowed down in order to regain balance between body and mind. The research into meditation in particular is testament to this. Brought on through stress in my late twenties I suffered a rare illness that doctors were unable to diagnose. The results were arthritic symptoms, crippling pain and absolute fear of not getting better. Even me, forever the optimist and the most positive of beings was pushed to the limits. However through months of research and seeking the help of complimentary medicine, I regained my health and was soon back to my normal self. I experienced the damaging effects of stress first-hand which has in turn inspired me to raise awareness around the subject and create the best possible personal experience for people that I treat. I have since trained in Reiki and enhanced hypnotic techniques to deepen a sense of wellbeing for my clients, whilst also helping them manage their stress effectively. I continue to research the fascinating subject of the mind/body dynamic and what makes us happy. What makes my experience unique is the combination of techniques I use, a sense of intuition and a down to earth approach to help people achieve deep relaxation and renewed feelings of confidence. The last 10 years I've spent in education: teaching, directing and mentoring has led me to a really interesting place, the place where I am today, excited that there is beginning to be a shift in our awareness, especially around the importance of mental health. This is relevant to young people under pressure in school, to those in the work place or to anyone making choices about their next steps. From the beginning of 2017 I am training further in Transformational Coaching and look forward to collaborating with clients in a variety of settings to explore thoughts, challenges, ideas and goals.

  • What I Do

    Combine the deepest relaxation techniques to balance body and mind with lasting effects

    Reiki and Hypnotic Techniques

    Balance + Refocus + Deep Relaxation + Repatterning = Happy mind

    Take a deep breath and feel more relaxed than you thought was possible. Clear out negative energy and thoughts. Welcome in positivity and balance. Allow yourself to take charge of your emotions whilst creating new neurotransmitters, responsible for a happy brain.

    Three is the magic number

    Transformational Coaching + Reiki + Hypnotic Techniques = A Balanced body and mind

  • Testimonials


    I was going through a particularly stressful time at work and Kata really helped me to look at the way I was dealing with my anxiety differently. I have to admit I was a little sceptical at first but her techniques (including the massage that she begins with which was amazing) not only left me feeling significantly calmer but I've also realised that I have much more control over the feelings generated by stress than I thought I did. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing to de-stress.


    I had two very fruitful sessions, in which Kata taught me three methods I have since started using when feeling anxious and overwhelmed. 

    With her soothing voice and vivid imagery she took me on a personal journey during which I was able to better understand where my negative emotions come from. Kata helped me listen to my body and gave me the tools I needed to control my anxiety. So now, when the bad emotions are threatening to take over, I feel more confident and better equipped to tackle them. Lovely side effect: I found the effect the sessions had on my body and mind very relaxing and similar to a full body massage or a yoga practice.


    I approached Kata because I wanted to find a natural way to take control of my stress. From the off Kata was great, I felt that she really understood what I wanted to achieve and she clearly talked me through the techniques she was going to use to help me achieve my goal. After only one session, the effect was unbelievable. I would highly recommend her to anyone who feels they have something they want to overcome....whilst the really hard work is still up to you ....I have every faith she will be able to help you get there.



    My schedule is so busy right now that I feel like I've forgotten how to relax. I'm constantly on autopilot and it's overwhelming. With Kata's help, I've learned how to take a step back and give myself a break when I need it. She's helped me gain back some work/life balance!



    Kata – you’ve worked wonders over the last 4 weeks, thank you so much!! I was struggling with depression, sleeping very poorly and generally not in a very good place at all. Your Kata Calms session have been instrumental in firstly picking me up off the floor, then helping me see the way forward, and lastly installing in me the confidence, inspiration and motivation that have been missing for some time now. The sessions are super relaxing – a massage, followed by Reiki and finally a good hypnotherapy session – and structured so you can discuss what you want from them, before getting exactly that. Kata is very engaging, listens well and translates that into a very effective bespoke service. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Thanks again, Kata!!

    Sarah@Google - Wellbeing week


    I didn't exactly know what to expect from the Kata Calms Session but Kata explained the techniques clearly and made me feel completely at ease. The head, neck and shoulder massage was incredibley relaxing, coupled with the energy I felt during the reiki was a great stress alleviator. I came out of the session felling both calm and energised. I'd really recommend everyone to give it a go.

    Natalia@Google - Wellbeing week


    Really enjoyed the session with Kata. the introduction to the Indian head massage, reiki and hypnotic techniques left me wanting to discover more. The whole experience helped me get rid of negative energy, and made me much calmer. I slept really well that night

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    One session = Coaching + Reiki + Hypnotic Re-Patterning ( 1hr 30 mins) 85


    Coach + Relax Packages = 4 sessions = 290 - saving 50 or


    6 sessions = 410 - saving 100



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